Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fencing-Woo Hoo!

What a great day!

We started at 8:30am by taking all the old fencing out.

We found lots of old rubbish between the fencing and the wall, including some 80's cassette tapes and a body warmer-fortunately no body! and a selection of drinks cans so everything was bagged up for recycling. Good job this doesn't work in smellivision!

 and a missing chess piece!
We loaded all the old fencing, branches and rubbish in the trailer (Thanks Dave!) and had four trips to the tip.
Then we started to install the new fencing which went in without too many problems.

We had time for a short coffee and cake break

Then back to work!

Dave has a quick look at the view!

The garden starts to look different with the new fencing in place.

A few finishing touches
Then we are all done!
The garden looks fantastic, hopefully the few daffodil casualties will have chance to recover before the open day next week.
Thanks to everyone who helped from Rotaract, Wollaton Park and Sherwood Sunrisers Rotary Clubs!

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